OMPHobby Sunnysky S720 Brushless Four Channel Stunt Trainer Plane Flight Test Review

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This is an easy and ready to fly aerobatics trainer for beginner pilots. Due to its sport plane design, I was hesitant that beginners could fly it. But once in the air, I was surprised at how gentle it was. Find it here
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– 718mm wingspan ready to fly four channel aerobatics trainer. Comes with all needed equipment.
– Quickly and easily assembles and disassembles for easy transportation.
– Aerodynamically clean low drag design with no external pitch horns or control rods.
– EPP foam for crash resistance.
– Brushless 1406 KV2500 motor.
– Huge ailerons combined with its quick and effective stabilization system makes this plane very hard to stall.
– Can be quickly switched back and forth between normal stabilized mode and aerobatic stunt mode. If you get into trouble doing a stunt, just switch back to normal mode, let go of the sticks, and the plane will quickly level itself.
– Stunt button. Just press it while in normal stabilized mode and the plane automatically does a roll.
– 2S 7.4V 300mah battery provides over 9 minutes flight time of aggressive flying.

– It may porpoise at high power. But just cut the power back and it flies like a dream.
– Gentle flier under 2S battery power, but does not have a lot of “oomph”. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this plane can safely handle higher power batteries. And even if it did, it may porpoise when using such.

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