P-38 Lightning Flybear FX-816 2 Channel Beginner RC Airplane Flight Test Review

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This ready to fly flying model of a WWII fighter plane is very easy to fly. A great airplane for beginner fliers and also for indoor winter gym flying. Find it here http://bit.ly/P38-Lightning

– Two channel (throttle and turning) RTF plane. Flight is controlled through differential thrust of its two motors.
– Simple controller with only three controls; power switch, throttle, and rudder control. Range of the controller is advertised at 200 meters, much more than needed for this small airplane.
– Common 3.7V 300mah battery provides over 10 minutes of flight time.
– Appears to also include an unadvertised feature of gyro stabilization (this feature is mentioned in its manual, but not on the box or advertisements for this plane). Normally a two channel differential thrust airplane requires momentary “bump” steering of the turn controls (rudder) to prevent rollover. However, you can give this plane full rudder, and hold it there. The gyro stabilization will automatically adjust the differential motor thrust to prevent the aircraft from exceeding a maximum bank angle preventing rollover. Unfortunately the stabilization also restricts maximum pitch angle to lessen phugoids, which also prevents loops.

– The provided 60mm diameter stock tri-blade propellers fall off very easily with this plane. You will definitely need spares. I replaced mine with dual bladed micro quadcopter propellers that held on very well, although they provided much more thrust than the stock propellers.
– The included instruction manual is very poorly written. However this is a very simple plane, and most should be able to get it into the air by intuition alone.

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