ParaZero Safety System Deploys Parachute to Save Drones

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Oren Aviram, ParaZeroThe Roswell Test Flight Crew met with several companies while attending Interdrone in Las Vegas last week. In this episode, Patrick Sherman of the Roswell Flight Test Crew hears from Oren Aviram, the chief marketing officer for ParaZeo, an Israeli company building autonomous safety systems for drones that will deploy a parachute in the event flight parameters such as pitch and roll angle, rate of descent or aircraft power exceed normal parameters. In addition, the ParaZero system stops the propellers from spinning the instant before the parachute is deployed, to eliminate the risk of the shroud lines becoming entangled with the propellers. The ParaZero system is capable of arresting an uncontrolled descent in as little as 15 to 20 feet above ground. According to Aviram, the Federal Aviation Administration is likely to mandate a mature parachute recovery system, such as ParaZero, as a prerequisite to operations over crowds of people or in densely populated urban environments.



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