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By Aerojimmy [Public domain]

With more than 50,000 licensed drone operators in the U.S., many operators are looking for more work – and ways to increase the value of their services.  There are a limited number of real estate shots that any area can support – but government and enterprise adoption of drone services is increasing rapidly as the ROI of drone data becomes clear.

One area of drone work that is growing fast is inspections.  Performing inspections of buildings or infrastructure with a drone is often faster, cheaper, and safer than doing them on the ground – and the data that can be captured with a drone more useful.  With some training on process and best practices, commercial pilots can become inspections experts, building their business and creating significant value for their customers.

To help commercial pilots get the training they need, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Worldwide Campus is partnering with Drone World Expo 2017  to offer a pre-event workshop – sUAS for Inspections. The workshop will take place at Drone World Expo 2017 on Monday, Oct. 2 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, Calif. 

“This in-depth workshop will introduce and familiarize participants with inspections using unmanned systems (sUAS),” says Embry-Riddle.  “Critical to efficient flight operation and data collection is an understanding of sUAS regulations, the need for aviation safety, pre- and post-flight planning, maintenance and communications. These factors are essential to planning and conducting safe inspection operations and developing mission profiles for any organization.”

Participants who complete the workshop will receive CEUs from Embry-Riddle.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and once again offer a comprehensive course for commercial drone users. This year’s course will provide an in-depth look at the most current information regarding conducting inspections with sUAS,” said Joelle Coretti, Vice President and Event Director of Drone World Expo. “Attendees will come away from this intensive workshop with a Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from this prestigious aeronautical university.”

More information can be found by clicking this link:  sUAS for Inspections Course .



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