Repulse Offers 360 Protection Against Rogue Drones

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With the rise of anti-drone innovation, several companies are inventing heavily on increased demand by airports, prisons, military installations and sports stadiums in an effort to prevent UAVs from flying over unauthorized areas.

One of the most recent entries into the field is fittingly known as Repulse because the company’s signature product – well, repulses drones.

By creating a frequency exclusion field on both the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands, the Repulse can provide more than 160 degrees wide and 160 degrees vertically of protection from rogue drones.

“Repulse is a drone protection system that doesn´t rely on detection,” a company press release states.  “It is a light weight standalone unit that can be left switched on 24 hours a day. When switched on, Repulse will produce an electronic shield/no fly zone in excess of 1 kilometer vertically and horizontally impenetrable by any commercially available drone.”

A drone wandering into the no-fly zone will be immediately forced to return to home base. With an internal battery that fuels up to six hours, Repulse uses approximately the same power as a Wi-Fi router.

The company’s marketing material points out:

“The Repulse unit originally started as the handheld unit but as time has gone on we are getting an understanding of what people need. We have already introduced the ruggedized/enclosed unit which provides a much more permanent/weatherproof solution but can at the same time be used as a quick mobile deployment system. At this moment, the Repulse 360 is under development but is looking to be a very popular unit to protect and area with at least a 2km diameter for a full 360° which is ideal for buildings and property.”

A recent market research study predicts the market will grow to $1.85 billion by 2024.

Manufacturers are touting a variety of drone hunting solutions – from the “anti-drone rifle” by Batelle Innovations to the Orwellian-sounding “anti-drone death ray” Anti–AUV Defense System.



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