S500 Brushless 1080p FPV GPS Drone Flight Test Review

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This brushless GPS drone has excellent FPV video signal reception on your phone with ranges of up to 300 meters. Find it here, and use coupon code HTSGWFA http://bit.ly/S500GPS.

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– Includes GPS/GLONASS system with automatic return to home and landing capability on command, loss of signal, and low battery.
– Dual 5.8Ghz FPV antennas on the drone are angled 90 degrees with respect to each other. This helps produce excellent FPV video range of approximately 300 meters (greater than the advertised 150 meters). The flight controller also includes an external antenna to help produce controller range of up to 500 meters.
– 1080p camera with microSD card recording capability. Camera lens can also be manually aimed up or down as desired.
– Uses powerful 1806 1850KV brushless motors.
– Well labeled (in English) controller. You will not need to label its buttons to remember what they do πŸ˜‰ The advanced flight control modes of circle position and headless mode work well when activated by the controller. Controller also includes a LCD window for display of telemetry information including signal strength, satellites received, distance and height of the drone, return to home and headless mode activation, photo or video activation status, flight control mode, and transmitter and drone’s remaining battery power status.
– Uses non-proprietary generic 7.4V 2500mah battery with XT30 connector (dimensions 92x39x16mm). You should easily be able to find similar 7.4v replacement batteries of the same or smaller dimensions to power it.
– Includes GoPro camera mount and landing gear leg extensions should you wish to use your own camera with this drone.
– Its “VS GPS” app provides capability of FPV, and advanced capabilities of follow me, circle position, and waypoints. The app may be downloaded on Google Play here http://bit.ly/VS-GPS and iTunes here http://bit.ly/VS-GPSapp.

– Uses and requires 802.11ac WiFi to utilize the app. Not everyone has this type of WiFi on their phone. It is very important to first verify that your phone does indeed have 802.11ac WiFi before purchasing. Otherwise you may be very disappointed when you discover that you can not receive FPV video from the drone.
– Although the VS GPS app works well in receiving and maintaining FPV video, the advanced flight control features of the app are buggy. Some would not work properly, even when the drone was connected directly to my phone as controller. The follow me control was intermittent. I also could not get circle position or waypoints to work with the app and drone. (Although circle position does work well when using the contoller’s “Around” feature).

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