SeaEagle Three Channel Stabilized RC Trainer Plane Flight Test Review

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This stabilized little trainer plane is perfect for beginners, and can be flown outdoors or indoors in a gym. Find it here and try coupon IBXPXH192H

– Ready to fly. Comes assembled and with transmitter.
– Beginners can select between three modes of difficulty. Fully stabilized 6G mode prevents flipping/rollover and also compensates for wind gusts. 3G mode turns off the protection for wind gusts, but still provides angle stabilization. And finally full manual mode is normal flying without stabilization. But even in full manual mode, this is a very easy flier for beginnners. If you get in trouble in manual mode, simply let go of the pitch roll stick and the plane will automatically level due to its wing dihedral.
– Automatically lands on loss of signal or low battery.
– 120 meter flight control range.
– Surprisingly long flier. It gets close to 17 minutes flight time with its tiny 3.7V 200mah battery.

– Listing infers that there is a FPV camera included. However this does not come with a camera.
– Uses EPS foam (styrofoam). This makes it very light weight, but also raises concern for damage as EPS foam is somewhat fragile. However, as its mass is very low, so is its momentum. Low momentum hopefully minimizes potential for damage in a crash.

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