Solar Ship and Arctic UAV Partner

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Solar Ship and Arctic UAV Partnerships announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to create a Joint-Venture to service Nunavut.

The Joint-Venture will introduce Solar Ship’s technology to the Arctic, including hybrid aircraft, aerostats and self-reliant hangars. Initial operations will offer data collection services using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and aerostats to support Inuit data gathering to be used for developing strategies to adjust to climate change. Inuit communities will be engaged in data collection, including hunters and youth to develop intelligence on changing environments and develop ideas on how to mitigate risks and create new economic opportunities. The Joint-Venture aims to work with business and government at all levels to share data, intelligence and ideas to develop Smart Remote Economies of the north.

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Arctic UAV’s Chairman and CEO, Kirt Ejesiak: “Solar Ship has been working with us to develop the model for smart, remote communities in the Arctic. The key to smart economies is including communities in data collection and developing intelligence on how to address challenges. Northern climates are changing more rapidly than most people realize. Solar Ship’s technology represents a big leap forward in our ability to collect data and develop solutions. We are excited by Solar Ship’s approach to working with northern communities. They are good listeners and are eager to help us create new economic models and new jobs for our youth, while respecting traditional knowledge and Inuit culture.”

Solar Ship’s CEO, Jay Godsall: “Arctic UAV is a world leader in developing systems for introducing advanced technology to northern climates. They have a great understanding of our technologies and our way of working with remote communities. The most valuable natural asset in the north is brainpower. Arctic UAV’s work with traditional knowledge holders and local youth gives us great hope that we can work together to continually improve our tools and systems.”


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