Storm: DJI’s Heavy Duty Aerial Cinematography Service

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New products from DJI usually come with plenty of hype and fireworks. But Storm, the manufacturer’s custom aerial cinematography service already live in China, has gone completely under the radar.

In part that’s because Storm isn’t exactly a mass-market service. As well as a monster drone far beyond anything DJI currently sells, Storm comes with its own production crew. That kind of expense is going to limit its appeal to high-budget professional filmmakers and media teams.

Storm is also a niche service that could directly compete with many of DJI’s professional customers, so that might be another reason we’ve only discovered it by accident.

What is DJI Storm?

Here’s what we know about the DJI Storm drone so far:

  • The heavy-duty drone is operated under the banner of DJI Studio. The drone has eight propellers and is designed for the heavy lifting of professional cinema gear.
  • The platform integrates a Ronin 2 PTZ gimbal which can carry up to 18.5kg of professional movie cameras and lenses. Storm can be used with DJI masters’ wheel and somatosensory controllers.
  • In terms of performance, DJI says the drone can reach speeds of 50mph and operate for between 8-25 minutes, depending on the payload. It can handle a huge temperate range of -10 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.

DJI Storm comes with its own crew.

Specs taken directly from the website are as follows:

  • Can be equipped with a movie machine (partial) RED DSMC2 ARRI ALEXA Mini | SXT | LF Sony Venice
  • Optional lens (partial) Cooke ANA | S7 ARRI MA | SP | MP | Alura Zoom
  • Image transmission system: LightBridge 2 digital image transmission | maximum communication distance 2 km
  • Maximum payload: 18.5 kg
  • Hover time: 15 minutes (12 kg payload) | 25 minutes (no load)
  • Maximum horizontal flight speed: 60 km / h (GPS mode) | 80 km / h (Sport mode)

dji storm heavy drone

In short, Storm aims to be the missing link between the drone industry and the professional cinematography industry. It can carry various popular cinema cameras and lenses with the support of Ronin 2, Master Wheels, or Force Pro.

If you’re keen to see Storm in action closer to home, you can email [email protected] One unit is currently being taken through its paces by helicopter services provider Helinet Aviation. It was recently showed off at the Cine Gear Expo:


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