Survey Says This Percentage Of Americans Say They Own A Drone

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Back in May 2017, Pew Research surveyed 4,135 Americans regarding their thoughts and feelings towards drones. Judging by the way the media portrays drone use, we were surprised by the results.

According to the results, 8% of Americans say they own a drone and about 59% of Americans say they have seen a drone in action and 8% say they own a drone. Of that 8%, 11% were owned by men, and 6% by women.

12% of the owners were between the ages of 18 to 49, while only 4% were owned by 50+.


When asked how they would feel if they saw a drone flying close to where they live, 58% say they would be curious, and 45% say it would peak their interest. At the same time, around 26% say they would be nervous, and around one-in-ten say this would make them feel angry or scared.

When asked about rules and regulations, specifically what rules should apply to drone use, 11% think this should be allowed, 34% think it is OK in certain circumstances, and 54% of the public thinks drones should not be allowed to fly near people’s homes.

Just 11% think this should be allowed, while 34% think it is OK in certain circumstances but not others. Around 53% of the public says private citizens should not be allowed to pilot drones near accidents or crime scenes, while 45% says this practice should not be allowed at public events like concerts or rallies. By comparison, Americans are more broadly accepting of drone use by private citizens in locations such as beaches or public parks.

While drones have significantly grown in popularity, most Americans still have reservations about where and under what circumstances they should be used. Americans vary in how they react to the sight of a drone nearby and what rules they think should be applied to them.

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