Syma X25 Pro GPS Camera Drone Review Pt 1 Range Testing

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This new Syma GPS drone is a stable flier allowing easy long range FPV exploration for new fliers. This video demonstrates its range capability. Part 2 will determine if its advanced features of follow me, circle position, and waypoint flying actually work. Find it here and use coupon HY7SX

– Available with 720p camera. Lens can be remotely pointed up and down. FPV video is transmitted directly to your phone for real time viewing of in flight video. Camera records video directly to microSD card to avoid WiFi lag.
– Accurate GPS system holds the drone in stable flight.
– Drone automatically returns and lands itself at its takeoff point on command, or automatically upon loss of signal, or low battery.
– App has control features of follow me, circle position, and fly to point (to be demonstrated in part 2 review).
– Good flight time at close to 11 minutes.

– App available from Google Play, iTunes, or directly from Syma. However, as of 5/1/2018 the Google Play English version does not connect with the drone. Additionally, the version available from Syma is in Chinese.
– Some jello is viewable in recorded video of 720p version camera.

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