Sync for DJI Version 1.2 Now Available

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Today’s spectrum of software for DJI devices is not that wide as you would think. The market of drones is relatively new and software for it is mostly yet to be done. So today we are going to review a new application for syncing your DJI device and your phone or tablet. This free application was newly released for iOS and Android.

The App

Overall, Sync for DJI – it’s the app that helps you to download or share media from your DJI device quickly and easy. The app is designed for users who like to edit and share captured content with friends and followers immediately after flying while being quite far from PC or Mac. It has neat design, friendly UI and useful features.

Core Features

Definitely, the core feature is the background downloading. None other of the todays apps on the market can’t offer you to download you precious fresh 4k videos while viewing your favorite chicks in the Instagram, or while you making new selfie with your family, or anything else. Background downloading is a cool to have thing, no doubt. The other cool thing is a share. You can share videos of any format and any resolution directly from drone, without downloading it to your device. The thing worth noting is the app not lowers initial resolutions of the media and leaves it untouched. Your downloaded or shared video will remain in 4k and not be reduced to Full HD format. At this moment, Sync for DJI is an absolutely free app. So it’s affordable for any drone pilot to get and use.

The app can offer you:

  • Downloading media in the background
  • Keep the initial resolution and do not lower it
  • Share media from drone without downloading
  • Free

Compatible Drones

Also, Sync for DJI supports wide list of drones so you shouldn’t worry about compatibility between your four-propeller beauty and Sync for DJI app. Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced, Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced, Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum, Spark, Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Osmo, Osmo +, Osmo RAW can be easily connected and synced.


Sync for DJI offers new features to users and it hard to not notice it. The developers says that they planning to expand and evolve it: add more features, improve the utility of released features. The app itself left very positive impressions, provided new experience. Sync for DJI will definitely not remain unnoticed and find its fans. It is very pleasant when you get something nice and useful and especially when it’s free.

Download Sync for DJI for Free on [AppStore]


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