Taranis Q X7 V/S Taranis Plus – BUYER’S GUIDE

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Honest review and inside look at the new Taranis Q X7 versus the Tarnis Plus X9D. Which is better? Which is right for you?
We show off some of the new changes and features of the Frisky Taranis Q X7. – It’s actually pretty sweet. Especially for the price!
I wish this radio was out when I first started. This would have been my first pick – Enjoy guys, Justin.

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Buy the Taranis Q X7 Transmitter here :

Buy the Taranis Plus X9D Transmitter here :

FrSky Taranis HORUS Transmitter :

Recommended Receivers :

Frsky X4R – PPM or SBUS ( Justin’s favorite ) :

Frsky XSR Sbus, a little smaller than the X4R ( Another favorite ) :

Taranis Plus Case :

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