Terra Drone Soars Into a Successful October

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Image courtesy of Terra Drones

Japanese drone provider Terra Drone is reporting an amazing October.

The UAV firm recently launched an AI-based solution for power-line maintenance.

Following a study of various energy channels, the company identified a need for beyond-line-of-sight drone inspection of more than 55,000 miles of power lines across global markets.

Drone-lifted, AI-algorithm arrays identify rusty, loose or missing parts as well as invasive bird’s nests and other dangerous obstacles for power-line transmission. The software can then generate reports highlighting trouble spots. Terra Drone officials say the system is accurate up to 93 percent.

“The algorithm is developed through a process identifying anomalies in a training data set of approximately 1,500 images,” a company official said. “This allows for a custom solution to be created for the end client where all pertinent anomalies are identified and reported.”

“Power transmission and distribution companies must conduct periodic inspections of power line infrastructure to ensure reliable electric power distribution, although the conventional methods of deploying ground staff or low-flying helicopters to complete the inspections, they are typically cost-prohibitive. Conventional helicopter and boots-on-the-ground service also pose safety concerns with low flying helicopters and people working in the field.”


In other company news, C-Astral, a member of the Terra Drone group, reports the successful testing of the UAS Advanced Technology Light Acquisition/ATAK drone system as part of a NATO initiative.

Dubbed ATLAS, the UAV solution is an advanced micro system designed for advanced endurance, flexibility, sensor flexibility and maintainability.

Terra Drone states the 6-pound, hybrid-wing system is now operational, and the company is receiving several NATO contract offers.

ATLAS can handle a water landing and can carry multiple types of digital radio links in addition to flight heights of 3 miles above sea level.”

“A modular data link bay allows switching of different radios, frequencies, transponders, or encryption levels, for different missions and regulatory requirements. The ATLAS C4EYE will enable the members of the Terra Drone group to access one of the most advanced capabilities in the market for a myriad of service missions.”


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