The Heisha D.Nest: Minimalist, Autonomous, and Super Easy Drone System

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Chinese manufacturer Heisha is betting that there are plenty of potential customers who need aerial data – but don’t want to fly a drone.  They’re introducing a revolutionary new product, the Heisha D.Nest, to change the way people think about drone technology.

It’s always a been a challenge for drone technology to really enter people’s lives and become a simple and useful tool,” says Heisha.    “Whether it’s cost, or flight licenses and permits, there are a lot of factors that have prevented drones from becoming a must-have gadget people’s life.”

That’s the idea behind D.NEST.  “D.Nest is engineered to make drones a super simple and easy product that enhances our quality of life,” says Heisha.

The S300 is the first generation of minimalist unmanned system in the D.NEST product line. The complete solution is for an outdoor, private property live stream: anytime, anywhere, and without a pilot certificate. The system is completely unmanned: and both live video and the drone can be controlled from a mobile phone. With just one mobile app, users can control the drone to take off and take a quick shot from wherever they are.

The S300 includes an auto-charging pad, a drone, a cloud service system, modified landing gear and battery, an optional rain-proof canopy, and a nest-shaped base. The complete solution costs just $1,999, making the system a cost-effective system for almost anyone. For example, agronomists can optimize their day on the farm by taking an aerial survey over fields via cell phones, and sharing the video and info with staff.

Heisha founder Mr. Ling says: ” We just want to use new technologies make our lives much easier through our innovations, and if we’re lucky enough, we would like to see our D.NEST deployed around the world, to accompany people’s lives, like dogs and cats, rather than just as a smart gadget.”

Heisha, a technology-driven company, focuses on the design and development of artificial intelligence hardware.

For more information, please visit Heisha’s website.




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