The Next Ehang In The Drone Industry

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After ZeroTech and MI, will Yuneec be the next Ehang in the Drone Industry?Yuneec

In 2014, the mainland market #China UAV enterprises appear. In this year, DJI released the classic ‘Inspire’ series till now no other UAV companies are able to compete or imitate. and the global civilian UAV market share expanded to 70%. For the first time, #China technology companies rely on high-end and front-end technology products to hit a level that foreign companies can’t even reach. That year, millions of aircraft UAVs won tens of millions of dollars in ‘A’ round of financing.

Following by 2015 CES appears a large number of #China UAV companies and have come up with their “good” products, it’s the year of the #ChinaUAV companies in the United States. Drones buzzed propeller sound became the main theme of Las Vegas. That summer, the chip giant invest 60 million U. S. dollars in the domestic UAV Company Yuneec which became the UAV industry’s largest single financing.

Only after 2 years, it is very difficult to find out positive news of drone from the major technology sector but only plenty of UAVs flying black in social sector.

So, those drones and enterprise founders who had lofty sentiments and aspirations, how are they lately? Today, I would like to pick up a space between those drones familiar name.

Ehang — product or promo?

Compared to DJI and Zerotech who wish to conquer consumer with products, Ehang is such a clear stream in both technology and financing circle. Continue reading about Yuneec.

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