The WienerDrone!

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The WienerDrone!

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs introduces the WienerDrone ahead of the July 4th celebrations.


The WienerCycle and WienerDrone will be joining the iconic Wienermobile, WienerRover and WienerMini, collectively know as the Wienerfleet,  to ensure hot dog fans everywhere will have a chance to try the new Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs.  Of course we are interested in the WienerDrone and here are some specs on that bad boy:

Width: 15 inches, Length: 24 inches, Max flying speed 50 mph, Max Altitude 1,200 Feet (or 2,400 hot dogs end-to-end), Max take-off weight: 6.5lb, Max flight time (with payload) 15 minutes, range 1 mile.

Payload: one dog

Going where other Hot Dogs can’t!


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