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UAVE Technical Services Department MessageUAV Experts

We hear and see a lot of things in our technical support department and nothing ever surprises. That is until yesterday.

One of our techs received a call and was asked if we did repairs on drones. A pretty normal question, Apparently, he had purchased a system from one of those “big box stores”. Post purchase he did not receive any help or advice on how to actually fly his new piece of equipment, so you can guess what happened. He crashed it.

When asked if we could help him we jumped at the opportunity and even informed him of our hands on UAV Flight Training classes. We have seen great success with our FAA prep course and received a lot of positive feedback on our drone training classes. We continued the conversation regarding the issues he was experiencing, what he thought of the brand, etc. etc.

Here’s where it gets interesting when discussing the brand of the drone and the type, the prospective client keep insisting that it was a “white IRP drone”. Being polite, the tech kept digging deeper, as he was not familiar with a “white IRP drone”. He wanted to get as much information as possible on the issue but was stumped. A fellow tech overhead the conversation and after a few minutes finally realized what the issue was. 

Do you see the answer in this photo? Comment below and let us know! 

White IRP Drone

So there it is.. Happy Friday From The UAV Expert Technical Services Department


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