Unattended Drones: Heisha Makes Major Breakthrough in Precision Landing and Data Communication Range

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Heisha, a leading player in unattended drone technology, announces major breakthroughs in precision landing and data communication range.

Unattended drone systems have the potential to revolutionize drone use for industrial uses, including security and inspection projects.

The basis of Heisha’s unattended drone system is their unique and easy to use charging station, the D.Nest.  There are two core technologies central to the success of an unattended drone system: precision landing so that the drone can land accurately on the charging station; and long distance video transmission.  Heisha’s D.Lock precision landing system and D.Link communications get the job done.

Malaysian Heisha customer M. Kent used the D.Nest F300, D.Lock and D.Link systems for a harbor inspection project.  The D.Nest F300 unattended drone system includes the charging station and a large fixed wing drone.  While getting a large fixed wing to land on the charging station wouldn’t be easy for a pilot without help, the D.Lock makes it easy for the user.  But what Kent found really stunning was the HD Video transmission range that the system provided.

While Heisha only claimed a 5km HD Video transmission range,  Kent was surprised to find that the system achieved a 25 km range out – making a 50 km round trip possible. “That is really amazing. It shocked me, that the video transmission range was more than 10km, Heisha does a good job. Our mission can be much easier and more efficient.” Mr. Kent said.

The D. Lock is designed to help larger drones land on the charging station, and the specs – see below – are impressive.  D.Link is the communications module – see those specs also.  Units can be purchased separately.










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