Unmanned Aircraft Program Secures Borders

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Unmanned Aircraft Program Secures Borders - Here's What It Looks Like

Unmanned Aircraft Program Secures Borders – Here’s What It Looks Like

ABC 7 has the inside scoop on the unmanned aircraft program that is helping to secure our nation’s borders.

Retooled weapons of war are now engaged in a new battle on America’s border with Mexico. United States Customs and Border Protection is using unmanned aircraft to patrol our southern border to crack down on drug smuggling, human trafficking and illegal crossings. The Spotlight on America team got a rare inside look at how this eye in the sky is helping to secure the border.

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Illicit drug smuggling, caught on camera as a group of men rushes to load a running truck with bundles of illegal drugs they’ve just carried by raft over the Rio Grande river from Mexico. In a video released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it seems the smugglers have no idea they’re being watched from 20,000 feet above.

But Aviation Enforcement Agent Dan Buress says in this kind of scenario, that’s exactly what’s happening, “We can get pretty good detail.”

Buress is part of the crew at CBP’s Air and Marine Operations facility in San Angelo, Texas, which operates specialized unmanned aircraft that scan hundreds of miles of the southern border five days a week looking for illegal activity. Their work happens, not in the air, but in a cockpit housed in a metal box no bigger than a couple of phone booths that sit stationed outside an airplane hangar. The planes this crew operates are flown by remote control in what looks like a sophisticated video game. Continue reading about how drones are securing our boarders.

Source: ABC 7


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