Unrealistic Fears of Robot Uprising Overshadow Threats of Surveillance Capitalism

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Unrealistic Fears of Robot Uprising Overshadow Threats of Surveillance Capitalism

According to an article posted on Silicon Republic, people have unrealistic fears of robot uprising overshadow threats of surveillance capitalism.

Prof Michael Madden of NUI Galway coordinates the ROCSAFE project using AI, robots and drones to investigate hazardous crime scenes.

After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from NUI Galway, Prof Michael Madden began a PhD in machine learning. After turning to industry for a few years at a software company, Madden returned to NUI Galway as lecturer and set up its machine learning and data mining research group in 2001.

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In early 2018, he was appointed as the established professor and chair of computer science at NUI Galway.

What inspired you to become a researcher?

From the age of about 11, I wanted to be an inventor as I had read books about famous inventors, though I was not clear on how to become one. When we first got a computer at home – a Sinclair Spectrum – I realised I could invent games and more by learning to program them.

Can you tell us about the research you’re currently working on?

With my research group, I work on new theoretical advances in machine learning (ML), including reinforcement learning, Bayesian learning, probabilistic reasoning, deep neural networks and other ML techniques. We seek to tackle problems in scientific and engineering domains including health and security.

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To date, my research has led to 100 publications, four patents, 12 PhD graduates and a spin-out company. It has informed my teaching of ML and deep learning on our postgraduate programmes in data analytics and AI. Continue reading about the uprising of robots and how it affects the future.

Source: Silicon Republic


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