Volantex 767-2 Ranger 750 Stabilized 4 Channel RC Trainer Plane Review

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This ready to fly brushless 4 channel trainer plane includes gyro stabilization that allows very easy flight, even on windy days. Should be a great FPV flier. Available RTF (with transmitter) here http://bit.ly/Ranger750RTF. Available PNP (install/provide your own receiver/transmitter/battery) here http://bit.ly/Ranger750PNP.

– Stabilized 750mm wingspan plane which should serve as a good trainer for those wishing to transition to 4 channel flight.
– Brushless 1806 2450KV motor.
– Gyro stabilized controller provides very smooth flight, even on breezy days. Three selectable positions on the controller allow stabilized flight, sttabilized flight with increased bank/pitch angles, and stabilization off flight.
– Includes 7.4V 850mah battery (red JST connector).
– Lightweight plane at 200 grams (without battery).

– Ad suggests that this plane comes with GPS. Although a future version may be released with such, it currently does not have this feature (although it does have 1 key return).
– 1 key return should not be depended on as a return to home feature. Although this feature is common on toy drones, applying it to planes may not be wise. 1 key return requires the pilot to maintain a position in the sky directly down the direction that the aircraft was pointed at takeoff. A plane is much more difficult to keep in one location than a drone, and may result in flyaways by new pilots if activated.
– I had several reversed controls out of the box. Fortunately this is easily corrected by the transmitter. Unfortunately, the instructions for doing such are printed very last in the user manual. I’m sure that some will skim the manual, and miss this very important instruction.
– Plane is somewhat tail heavy out of the box with the provided battery. You will likely need to add a little weight to the nose (camera, FPV system, bigger battery) to enable smooth flight with the gyros turned off.

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