Volantex Super Cub 500 761-3 Beginners Stabilized Trainer RC Plane

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This extremely lightweight three channel plane is one of the most gentle fliers that I’ve ever flown. Perfect for beginners and also for indoor winter gym flying. Find it here http://bit.ly/VSuperCub

– Three channel RC aircraft (throttle, rudder, and elevator control ), suitable for most beginner fliers.
– Selectable three position switch on the controller allows easy transition between three available flight modes. “Beginner” mode provides gyro stabilized flight with automatic leveling. Should be very easy to fly by most beginner pilots. Intermediate “Midd” mode also includes stabilization, but allows for much sharper turns, such as for indoor or small park flying. And finally “Expert” mode allows turning off the stabilization system for aerobatic maneuvers.
– One key return mode turns the aircraft in the opposite direction that it was pointed at takeoff. If you can maintain keeping the aircraft down that direction while flying, it should return in your general direction if this switch is thrown.
– Constructed of flexible EPP foam, making it somewhat crash resistant for the new flier. Includes quick disconnect propeller to lessen chance of motor damage in a powered crash.
– Common 3.7V 380mah LiPo battery provides about 18 minutes of flight time (twice its advertised flight time).
– Extremely light weight at only 53 grams with its installed battery. May not require registration in most countries.

– Brushed motor aircraft. The motor will eventually fail one day. However, with care it should last to provide sufficient flights to help provide experience to fly more advanced aircraft.
– Transmitter range only 100 meters. However, this small plane gets extremely difficult to see at such range.
– Shipping is currently somewhat costly due to its large package size.

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