Volarious’ V-Line is a Tether for Your DJI Mavic 2

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Singapore startup Volarious has launched the V-Line, a tether system designed to keep DJI’s Mavic 2  drones in the air indefinitely.

The company is a subsidiary of Avetics, a DJI Enterprise reseller covering Singapore and Malaysia.

Speaking to DroneLife editor-in-chief Miriam McNabb, Avetics CTO and co-founder Joshua Chao explained that the V-Line is the latest in a series of products designed to enhance the capabilities of DJI drones.

Joshua Chao, CTO and Co-Founder of Avetics.

Previously, the company has launched the V-box, a portable battery charger. The latest product is set to target operators and organizations in need of a static, constant presence. Traffic monitoring, time-lapse images, surveillance, TV news, and crowd control are all potential applications.

“We’re a service provider and a DJI dealer, so we understand the needs of our clients. This tether system is something that has been requested many times,” said Chao.

The V-Line tether box weighs close to 15 kg, so it’s portable enough. It’s been engineered from the ground up to work with the Mavic 2 series, including a patented ‘smart tension’ system, which adjusts to the force of the drone and finds the perfect balance to help it hover steady, without anything getting tangled up in the cable.

The tether box uses 6 TB47S batteries that offer more than 2 hours of constant flight time. These batteries can be hot-swapped to keep the drone in the air indefinitely. An Android app allows the pilot to monitor the key battery parameters. Volarious says the operator can swap between tethered and untethered mode in under 5 seconds.

The V-Line works with all drones in the Mavic 2 series, including the Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Enterprise and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.

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V-Line Tether for DJI Mavic 2: Price and Availability

V-Line will be available starting November online and from various DJI Enterprise dealers. It will be retailing for $7,900.

You can take a closer look at Booth 110 at DJI’s Airworks 2019 conference.


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