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Back in July, DJI made a decisive step into the FPV racing market with the launch of the DJI Digital FPV System.

At the time we were surprised by the fact that the Chinese industry leader hadn’t actually released an FPV racing drone, but instead opted to unveil four related products: FPV goggles, an FPV Air Unit Transmission Module, an FPV remote controller and an FPV camera.

Rather than take on the FPV market with a fully-kitted product, DJI’s plan is to win racing pilots over with its low latency transmission and camera technology.

The DJI FPV System aims to do exactly that. It offers smooth HD video, low latency and long-range transmission to a hobby that usually struggles to combine all three.

This month, the manufacturer published a short film showing the new gear in action. The video below was shot in with Curves Magazin and Porsche at the Gotthard Pass, Switzerland – a road James Bond fans will be familiar with.

The short film mixes traditional aerial and ground camera shots with dynamic FPV perspectives shot using the DJI Digital FPV System, the Osmo Action and the Mavic 2 Pro.

Traditionally, FPV drones have been used for drone racing and freestyle flight. But we’re seeing that the technology can be used to create stunning cinematics, too. It’s fair to say that FPV video is bringing something new to the table for filmmakers. DJI looks set to tap into that trend.

In the second video, below, DJI’s team takes us behind the scenes to show how the different elements work together to produce a final film.

The video gives a sense of how DJI’s FPV products and Osmo Action have been designed to work seamlessly with one another. The technology is impressive. But just as impressive is how accessible it appears to be.

DJI has remembered that not every filmmaker is an experienced drone pilot or a DIY hobbyist, which is important. To take FPV cinematics into the mainstream, the technology needs to be easy to incorporate into production workflows. The behind the scenes clip illustrates that concept in action.


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