What’s Up With The Pecan Patch?

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What's Up With The Pecan Patch?

Mark and Judy Murdock are some of the finest folks you will find in the RC and UAV family.

They have a farm called the “Pecan Patch” located in Griffin, Georgia, not far from the UAV Experts and Atlanta Hobby shop.

Also known as the Patch, it’s a real RC paradise. I have flown there many times, and the Murdocks have hosted many events ranging from RC planes, RC soaring, drones, FPV racing, and more. Their farm is large, has a pool for their guests, and a campsite. The farm is even large enough for the occasional ultralight or small plane to visit.

Mark and Judy have a “Good Neighbor” policy, but recently one of their neighbors decided to sue them for “harassment” due to the farm’s flight activities. Mark and Judy have done everything possible to alleviate the concerns of these folks who I should point out are not even that close. They have changed both the runway angles and directions, added no-fly zones, and more. They have done everything except shut down all operations, which seems like it might be the only way to satisfy them.

The action of these “neighbors” leave no alternative for Mark and Judy but to protect themselves and as all of you know defense fees can be high, even with the help of legal friends of the community.

I am asking each of you to please help the Murdocks fight their case by sending donations. Together we can help fight off this crazy lawsuit that could shut down the Pecan Patch.

Please go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-pecan-patch-fund 

These are good folks and I know we can help.


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