Wingsland M1 GPS Drone 2019 Version Flight Test Review

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A batch of the 2019 Wingsland M1 was recently being sold on many websites such as Banggood. Improvements over the older 2015 version included a much better 5 inch receiver monitor, added pan control (not just tilt), and greatly extended FPV range. So great an increase in FPV range that I’m not sure about the legality of its FPV transmitter. However, it still has some gimbal stutter issues. They sent me this one for review. Unfortunately the small stock that most sites had seems to have sold out rapidly. And I’m not sure when or if they’ll ever be restocked.

Anyways, here’s my review of it, just in case another batch becomes available. And IMHO I think that those of you that were able to snap it up at its under $200 (and some under $150) price got a bargain.


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