XK X450 Aviator VTOL RC Airplane Flight Test Review

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This fast flying vertical takeoff airplane can take off like a drone and fly like a plane. No need for a runway. You can launch it and land it in a very small area. Find it here and use coupon 3FU06TAN http://bit.ly/X450VTOL

– Vertical takeoff and landing RC airplane. Can takeoff and fly exactly like a multirotor drone. But can transition by the flick of a switch to conventional airplane flight, or vertical hovering on its nose. Can easily switch back and forth between either of the three modes.
– An onboard pressure sensor automatically detects and maintains the aircraft altitude.
– Fully stabilized in all three of its flight modes, enabling newer pilots to easily fly this plane. Press the red 3D/6G button to turn off stabilization to enable aerobatic flying. If you get into trouble, just press it again to reenter stabilized flight.
– Constructed of EPO foam with carbon fiber wing support rod. Should be tough to crashes (within reason).
– Three 1370 2300KV motors provideo plenty of flight power. Can climb vertically under its own motor power (its thrust is much greater than its weight).
– 11.1V 1000mah 20C battery provides good flight time, advertised at 11minutes hovering and about 15 minutes airplane mode. And wing lights provide low voltage warning by blinking. However, I noticed significant power reduction sooner than the advertised flight times and landed early to be cautious. But the battery still had plenty of voltage left, and could have flown longer (post-flight measured voltage at rest was 11.3V).

– Very fast in airplane mode. If you don’t have an open field to fly it, you will need to keep it high above obstacles while in airplane mode.
– The controller throttle on this altitude hold plane is not spring loaded to center position. This means that you will need to manually center the throttle stick to maintain its altitude.
– Lots of important moving parts. Make sure that you do a preflight inspection before each flight to make sure that all parts are firmly connected and working properly. This includes the battery which must be velcroed in place. A loose, vibrating, or misaligned part on this plane could easily cause a crash.

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