YUNEEC BREEZE 4K – FULL REVIEW – $500 DJI Mavic Alternative

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Yuneec Breeze 4K is under $500 and a lower cost alternative to the popular DJI Mavic. This is not a Mavic VS Breeze video comparison. because we can’t honestly compare software stabilized video to a mechanical 3 Axis gimbal that cost $999. The point of this video is… Is it an acceptable alternative for under the $500 mark? It’s time for the prices of drones to come down to a sober level.

Watch the full review of the Breeze 4K to see if it’s something you might like.

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YUNEEC BREEZE 4K – Review, Tested, and Pros VS Cons :

What I liked :
– This is the smallest and lightest 4K drone I have flown this year.
– The 1080p stabilize mode worked well in 20mph winds.
– The 4K mode works better in still to no wind.
– Extreme portability. The lightest in the weigh off between the
Breeze 4K and DJI Mavic.
– Looks harmless to people on the street.
– Small and quiet in the air. None noticed much and if
they did they didn’t care. Most people walked up to see it in person.
– Not intimidating for new people to fly. My wife flew this and loved it.
– The price for this is a winner with me. I think all of the new drones should start coming down below the $500 price point.
– The APP is super easy to use.
– This drone has the fastest GPS load time of any drone I’ve seen.
– 16-20 Satellites in under 1.5 minutes.
– Looks durable. I’m not to afraid of the camera being damaged in a mild crash. The DJI Mavic gimbal and camera looks like it would be torn apart if I flicked it with my finger.
– Good support from Yuneec. I had some questions and they responded to my email within a day.
– GLONASS Dual GPS Positioning System works well. Even in wind it held a tight spot.
– Comes with a nice compact box to put in your bag or travel bag.
– More portable than a DJI Mavic and lighter to carry.
– Quieter than the DJI Mavic.
– Selfie mode: Quick selfie photos.
– Follow me mode worked well.
– Orbit Mode: Worked pretty good. I like than you can change direction and altitude.
– Pilot Mode is where you can fly it by the app. I always worry about
drones with phone controllers. Most seem hard to control. This flies well via the phone. I was confident to navigate it.
– Flying in 15-20 mph winds I was confident it would do its job.
– Geofencing options can be maxed out. You can set it higher than 300ft. Which is nice for landscape shots.
– Comes with 2 batteries. So for the price this is a major plus. Also the batteries are cheaper than the Mavic and Karma Batteries.
– Charges in about an hour.
– Also comes with a car charger. Which is great.
– Wall Charger is compact and easy to use.
– Comes with a full set of extra props.
– Foldable landing gear make it even smaller.
– Sensors on the bottom help it fly stable close to the ground.
– Adjustable camera. 0 to 90 Degrees.
– Change camera settings and resolution on the fly in the app.
– Breeze Cam app is the easiest drone app I have used.
– USB Cable included for downloading videos and photos.
– Optionally download the Videos and Photos from the Breeze to you phone via wifi. No SD Card needed.
– Prop guards are included. That easily snap on and off.
– Yuneec not putting Object Avoidance on this drone makes it way cheaper to buy for the consumer.

What I didn’t like:
– No internal gimbal or 3 axis gimbal.
– No smart battery leds.
– No object avoidance. Honestly I don’t need it.

Final Thoughts:
If you’re looking for something that will be way cheaper and less worrisome to fly… this is it. Everyone is worried about the dreaded “fly away”. I can buy two of these for the price of one Mavic. Sure the Mavic is really nice but the gimbal scares me. And if it breaks we all know that sending it back for repair can take a month or more. I never shoot in 4K because I upload or edit my video and my computer handles 1080 and 2.7k much better. Most people complain that 4K stutters on playback on their computer. Also uploading to Youtube will take you a day or more when uploading 4K if it is a 5min video. For me the Breeze 4k is not perfect or flawless. But I think for the price and the portability it is a winner.

Review provided by Justin Davis
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