Zipline is Using Drones to Redefine Humanitarian Care in Combat – for Both Soldiers and Civilians

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Drone delivery has been in the news frequently recently, as both UPS and Wing claim firsts in commercial drone delivery in the U.S.  Wing is now delivering commercial goods within a town in Virginia: UPS is delivering blood samples at medical campuses.  These are important steps forward for commercial drone delivery – but the flights are of limited distance.  At an undisclosed military facility in the Western U.S., however, medical drone delivery heroes Zipline have been working with the Department of Defense to prove drone technology can be lifesaving in combat situations – and they flew what the company describes as “the longest-range commercial drone delivery flight in U.S. history: a 79-mile round trip delivery flight at an average speed of 64 miles per hour.”

That’s a further demonstration of the potential for drone delivery, and a demonstration held here in the U.S., while most of Zipline’s deliveries have been made overseas.  It’s also a potential game changer for both soldiers and civilians in combat situations, as Zipline proves that drones can deliver life-saving medical supplies and critical care in conflict and disaster relief scenarios.


Could Redefine Lifesaving Care in Combat, Humanitarian And Disaster Relief Scenarios

Comes on the heels of longest-range commercial drone delivery in US history

HALF MOON BAY, CA Tuesday, October 22nd— Zipline, the world’s first and only national scale drone delivery service, announced that it has successfully forward-deployed to Australia to pilot its life-saving technology during multinational forces exercises with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and the Australian Defense Force (ADF). The goal of the deployment was to show how Zipline’s logistics network of autonomous delivery drones could help transform emergency medicine and critical care in conflict, as well as in humanitarian and disaster relief scenarios.

“The U.S. military is one of the largest providers of life-saving health care and critical aid in conflict, humanitarian and disaster relief scenarios around the world,” said Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo. “Zipline is proud to partner with the Defense Department because our goal is to get people the care they need to stay healthy and alive no matter where they are in the world and no matter the circumstances.”

The medical drone delivery exercises in Australia were part of a collaboration between Zipline, The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), and The Naval Medical Research Center’s Naval Advanced Medical Development (NMRC-NAMD). DIU works to accelerate commercial technologies to solve DoD challenges. And NMRC-NAMD is focused on enhancing the readiness, survivability, and resilience of Sailors and Marines. The goal of the exercise was to provide the military with the ability to evaluate how this new technology could instantly deliver critical and life-saving supplies during combat.

“DIU’s makes it possible for cutting-edge, civilian technology companies like Zipline to serve our country, which is a privilege,” said Rinaudo. “We look forward to continuing working with them.”


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