20 Top Agriculture Apps For 2020

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2020 Top 20 Agriculture Apps You Should Know In 2020 and Beyond

In terms of sheer volume, however, the trend toward newly launched apps in agriculture has slowed a bit in recent years. Instead, companies seem to be focusing more on enhancements to existing apps vs. development of new ones. And that makes perfect sense. When you have an app that is downloaded often, used frequently, and rated highly, you want to sink more time and effort into it to make it even better. Once the first version of an app has been released, the next step for developers is to begin to maintain and support it. The most popular apps in the app stores often see updates as frequently as weekly while other release cycles may happen once or twice a month, reports Savy Apps. If you are using an app that doesn’t have frequent bug fixes and performance improvements, then it may not be worth your time.

This year’s list of agriculture apps is a reflection of this trend. While there are a couple of “new” apps in the slideshow above (e.g., launched within the past year), what you’ll find here are mostly updated apps that have new features and improvements and continue to receive positive feedback from users. These apps will help you farm smarter and do your job more efficiently in 2020 and beyond.

Top Agriculture Apps

Simplot Advisor

Simplot Advisor provides crop advisors and growers with an innovative suite of precision agronomy and compliance tools. Seamless, real-time data syncing and full offline capabilities allow field-based users to remain informed and productive at all times. Features include the ability to create and manage grower, farm, field, and planting records and boundary maps; full editing capabilities while disconnected in the field; boundary mapping with external GPS integration and auto-smoothing capabilities; quick and accurate manual mapping with polygon, circle, and split drawing tools; and multiple map background imagery providers. Learn More: iPhone, iPad


FieldAgent from Sentera flies your DJI drone and captures data to make beautiful agricultural crop health maps, count plants, find weeds, and more. Compatible with most any modern DJI drone, FieldAgent manages all the details of flying so you can focus simply on the desired map. The app shows your full orthomosaics, plant populations, weed locations, and precision NDVI crop-health products right on your device, complete with position information to make in-field scouting possible. Learn More:  iPhone,  iPad

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The app enables growers, crop consultants, farm staff, precision specialists, and operation managers to truly work as one. Agworld’s document management, data capture tools, farm maps, library of labels and SDS, and communication tools improve your workflow and increase your production efficiency.The app is the most convenient way to access, capture, manage and share your farm data from anywhere. The online/offline app allows you to get things done while in the field, even without an internet connection. The app automatically syncs all your information to your secure account once you are back in range. Learn More: iPhone, iPad

Yara CheckIT

The Yara CheckIT app gives farmers a photographic library of the crops to allow a simple and fast identification of possible nutrient deficiencies. Once the cause of the deficiency is established, the app gives the further information on how the deficiency affects that crop, what soil types are prone to this type of deficiency, and what factors will make a deficiency worse. CheckIT provides a fertilizer recommendation to treat the identified deficiency, as well as alternative products which allow preventive treatment for the following growing season. Learn More:  iPhone,  iPad,  Android

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OneSoil Scouting (New)

The OneSoil Scouting app is an excellent agronomy tool to assist farmers and agronomists in their daily operations and to reach hard-accessible field parts. Know what’s on your fields, predict crops’ growth stages, and harvest your yield on time. OneSoil Scouting calculates the vegetation index (NDVI) with satellite technologies. Select the geographical location, and the app will autonomously determine the field’s exact borders. The app will provide a colored photo report depending on how one or another crop is growing.  The state of the fields (NDVI) report notifies the farm owners about various anomalies in the crops’ growth like flooding or lodging issues. Learn More:  iPhone,  iPad,  Android

FieldView Cab

FieldView Cab is a simple and powerful farm management app that enables growers to collect and understand field data through rich maps and reports. It combines the best in real-time cab monitoring with simple field data analysis tools into a mobile app that benefits from the portability and connectivity of the iPad. The app connects to a FieldView Drive or Precision Planting’s 20/20 monitor to display real-time maps of your planter’s performance or high definition Yield maps during harvest. Shapefile maps can be imported into FieldView Cab so that any Planting, Application, Harvest, or Imported map can be viewed side by side. When not in the planter, sprayer, or combine cab field data is stored on the iPad and iPhone to enable informed field scouting. Learn More: iPhone, iPad

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