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August 2019

ASSURE’s Ground Collision Study

What could happen if a drone hit a person on the ground? What are the risks of serious injury from flying small unmanned aircraft over people, and are we doing everything we can to reduce those risks? Through its continued research, the…

Drone Racing League Launches DRL Racer4

Drone Racing League Launches DRL Racer4, The Next Generation Racing DroneThe Drone Racing League (DRL), the global professional drone racing circuit, today unveiled the DRL Racer4, the next generation racing drone. The DRL Racer4 marks the…

National Aviation Day

August 19th Is Our Day! National Aviation DayNotice Number: NOTC9672Today is the 80th National Aviation Day. It is a day that recognizes Orville Wright’s birthday and to celebrate all things aviation. It is in Part 36 of the United States

Drone Package Delivery Systems Patent

Walmart Files Blockchain-Based Drone Package Delivery Systems PatentWhen you think of companies leading the way in the various sectors of the drone industry companies like DJI, Ehang, Intel, and Amazon immediately come to mind.But what…