4 Reasons Why a Drone Rental Makes Sense

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Drones are an investment which can costs anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. If you have an idea of which drone to get but haven’t had the chance to fully test it out, then a drone rental can let you fly a drone before even purchasing one. Not only is a drone rental a great option for people looking to just fly a new drone, but videographers can now save money by just renting out a drone for a few specific shots. No need to worry about maintenance since a drone rental is always good to go! Here are 4 reasons why a drone rental makes sense:

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Travelling to distant countries means you have to carry your drone equipment to different locations. If you don’t have a portable drone like a DJI Mavic or a DJI Spark, then renting a drone can save you some major time and hassle. Flying with a large drone means that you will have to use most of your allowed baggage weight for your drone equipment. Getting a drone rental will give you more room to carry items with you on an airplane when you fly, and you don’t have to worry about properly packing a drone and shipping it. If you already know how to operate a specific drone, check to see if the country you are visiting rents out drones. Renting a drone once you get to a country is a convenient way to travel.

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Try Before You Buy

The most obvious reason as to why a drone rental is a great idea is that you can fly a drone before fully investing into it. Flying a drone for a week can give you an idea of the pros and cons of a specific UAV. There is a drone for nearly everyone these days, but not all drones are made for everyone. A drone rental can save you time and give you peace of mind in making your next UAV investment.

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Just One Shot

If you only need to shoot a specific event for a day, then a drone rental is a great choice since it’ll only cost you a fraction of the cost to rent a drone. If you know an upcoming drone is going to be released soon, but you need to shoot an event now, then a drone rental will insure that you capture those time sensitve moments.

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A Drone Rental is an Instant Replacement

If you are out of the country and your drone gets wrecked, a drone rental is a guaranteed way to get the shot you need. If you need a drone for a specific event, renting a drone will most likely be your best option.

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Drone Rental Companies:

Lensrental is a Tennessee based rental company which now offers 7 day rentals for drones and drone accessories. Prices for items range. To get an idea of how much a rental is, it’ll cost $213 to rent a DJI Mavic Pro for 7 days. They also started offering 360 cameras and VR headsets for rent too!

Blue Skies Drone Rental rents out several different drones for specific jobs such as 3D mapping and agriculture. This company offers consumer and professional grades drones for rent and purchase.

Lumoid is another company which offers the latest professional and consumer drones. You can also save 5% off your next drone rental by signing up with their newsletter.


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