400 Life Magazine June Edition

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400 Life Magazine June Edition – A Family Affair In The Air

Local Dad, pilot teaches kids to fly… model airplanes that is

UAV Experts and Atlanta Hobby just received the latest edition of 400 Life Magazine, produced by our local Forsyth Newspaper. 

The June edition, All About Men, celebrates Fathers. The cover article, A Family Affair In The Air, is a heartwarming story about a unique hobby one father shares with his kids. 

In the opening, Editor Brian Paglia says, “There’s a wonderful satisfaction that comes with watching a child find their passion and pursue it, even if it’s not a shared one. But when the child, on their own, takes a genuine interest in a parent’s career or hobby, there is a certain magic.”

This message is underscored on both the cover as well as throughout the stories inside this edition.

Also featured, Cliff Whitney, President of both Atlanta Hobby and UAV Experts, stated, “I thought the cover and inside photography were stunning with images and a story of a local father (pilot for Spirit airlines) and how he has raised, encouraged and educated his children around model aircraft. Working with our kids to explore their passions is so important. My hat’s off to Tim Thompson for allowing his children to expand their wings!”

Flying offers fathers and kids a way to play together, whether building and modeling airplanes or flying hobby drones. Both can instill a certain kind of passion, set of skills and knowledge that might lead to a career in the growing field of piloting real airplanes, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), what we know as drones.

“The basics of modeling can take you all the way through getting your full-scale license,” said Thompson. “In fact, a lot of things I had to learn to be a pilot, I already knew as a modeler – the way that a plane flies, the way that it balances – things like that.”

That’s a huge reason Thompson gets excited about harboring his own kid’s interest in this hobby. Drones are becoming more and more popular with the average consumer, but they’re also being used by corporations and even the military.

Read the full digital version, or pick up a print copy locally.


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