A REAL TYRANT – Diatone Tyrant 215 Race Quad, TESTED.

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New this week : Tyrant 215 Race Quad … “A Real Tyrant.”

We just got a Diatone Tyrant 215 this week to fly for you guys. The quad seems to be named correctly. A tyrant! On the field I was doing laps with a friend and he was having a hard time keeping up with me. The second set of Pids I added to it now make it float like a butterfly in Airmode. And it’s super locked in on the straight lanes. With 2206 motors, 20Amp Ecs, and 4S this quad is a solid winner with me. Read the Pros and Cons below. 5 Stars from me.

Enjoy guys, Justin Davis

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– Programmable Naze32 Rev6 Flight Controller with Blackbox.
– 20A 2-4S Escs with Oneshot
– 600 TVL micro camera
– 200mw on this one guys. Fly with your friends or change up to 40 channels.
– DAL Props included
– Recessed Pdb. Easy to replace if you have to.
– BX2206/2000kv motors are very powerful on 4S!
– Low voltage beeper alarm. Very nice.
– 5″ Props. *Standard 5045.
– Price for this one is around $230. Not bad for what you get and
not having to build anything. Just choose your receiver and fly.
– 5.8 Cloverleaf antenna included with the Tyrant.
– 4mm bottom plate. Very durable and trending now.
– Place for your GoPro with slots for a strap.
– XT60 battery connector at the rear of the drone.
– Adjustable camera mount. Also comes with a larger mount so
you can mount a popular size camera like an HS1177.
– Long battery bed. Easily fits 1500mah to 1300 4S batteries.
– Includes Video antenna spacers. Use them when you put your
antenna on or you risk frying your video receiver. I fried one!
– Very attractive frame design and low profile look.

– The only con I would say is that it has no OSD. But you can easily add one because they give you two extra ports on the PDB. Both a 5V and a 12V connector and wires in the accessories pack.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5.
Great design, function, frame thickness, and Naze32 works flawless. I would fly this one against anyone in a race or just for fun at the field. In Airmode it floats great when doing inverted tricks and big loops. Plenty of power on this quad. You’ll love flying it.

Review by, Justin Davis
Drone Camps RC

Tyrant Cleanflight PIDs:
Roll: 4.3, 0.30, 18
Pitch: 4.5, 0.30, 18
Yaw: 9.0, 0.40, 0
Level: 5.0, 0.050,100

Rates: For quick flips and rolls…
Roll: 0.75, Pitch: 0.75, Yaw: 0.80

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