Add an FPV Transmitter to a Quadcopter’s Action Camera.

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It is relatively simple to add an inexpensive FPV transmitter for real time viewing of in-flight video from your quadcopter’s action camera. This helps in both aiming the camera, or controlling the quadcopter via FPV video input. Boscam TS351 transmitter may be found here Flying 3D X8 telemetry quadcopter may be found here.

As shown in this video, the 200mw TS351 provides sufficient transmitting power to allow FPV viewing for practically as far distant as the quadcopter can easily be seen. Higher power transmitters do exist, but may be impractical as flying beyond line of sight is hazardous, and may be illegal in some countries.

TS 351 Pro’s
– Great quality FPV video.
– Eight popular selectable frequency channels, compatible with many FPV receiver systems.
– Very lightweight transmitter, with relatively low power requiremements. Easily powered by most quadcopters using 2S and above LiPo batteries.
– Small size transmitter, can be easily installed in many applications. I simply zip tied it in the available space between the faces of my credit card mount.
– Comes with cables to help provide video output/input to the transmitter. But many action cameras already come equipped with FPV cables already wired to provide video output to FPV transmitters, such as this Boscam TS351.
– Cheap at around $20.

– Transmitter is open without a protective case case. The intent is to keep weight minimal. It is very important to not allow metal objects to come in contact with the transmitter to minimize the potential for electrical shorting.

and here’s my flight with it.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Boscam
Channels: 8
Transmitter frequency: 5645-5945MHz
Transmitting Power: 200mW/23dBm
Transmitting distance: Up to 2000m (open area)
Frequency control: built-in frequency and phase lock loop
AV input: analog AV signal input
ANT connector: SMA (inside the needle)
Power supply: 6.5-12 volts
Current supply: 200mA
Size: 55 x 26 x 17 mm / 2.17 x 1.02 x 0.67 inch
Net weight: 43 g / 1.52 oz
Working frequency:
CH1: 5705
CH2: 5685
CH3: 5665
CH4: 5645
CH5: 5885
CH6: 5905
CH7: 5925
CH8: 5945

Package Contents:
1 x TS351 transmitter
1 x Stock dipole whip antenna
1 x Power in harness
1 x Power out Video out Audio out harness

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