Air Crash Drone Water Rescue Demo 9/20-21

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The Air Crash Drone Water Rescue DemoSkyBound Rescuer

In many market spaces, it is considered that drones are becoming saturated. However, market saturation could not be further from the truth when discussing drones as First Response assets. This is just the beginning, drones WILL revolutionise search and rescue; but at present, drones are still some distance from fulfilling their vast potential for the Emergency Services. Drones are increasingly used for search operations, but drones are capable of much, MUCH more! Although somewhat controversial, I personally feel that for many individuals technology myopia is clouding their judgement on what these machines have to offer life-saving operations. Emergency Services need to move away from narrowly viewing drones as mere camera/ sensor holders to realise that their capabilities are much broader than that; if – and only if – they have been designed to do so.

On the 20th and 21st of September, SkyBound Rescuer, along with Professional Rescue SAR Academy, Aerones and other companies, is helping to stage the World’s First demonstration of an air crash drone water rescue. This demonstration will be performed during The Emergency Services Show UK on Pendigo Lake outside Hall 5 on both days of the show. This is a non-commercial demonstration courtesy of Safequip.

The demonstration involves one drone simulating a search for the air crash casualties with another drone assisting with a multi-person 60kg life raft out to the casualties to stabilise their condition, ahead of rescue boat crews arriving on the scene; culminating in the rescue boats bringing the casualties to a “definitive care” inflatable shelter. This demonstration will be a significant step forward for UK life savers, showing the art of the possibilities for future drone search and rescue.

For more information on this event, please visit the Skybound Rescuer Project website or follow the #LifeSavingTheFuture hashtag on social media.


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