AirMap Keeps Moving Forward with UTM Initiatives Around the World

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AirMap is a well-known name in the drone industry, providing airspace management services since 2015.  AirMap continues to be a presence in the space, moving forward with new initiatives in Europe and Latin America.

U-Space Together

As the French Civil Aviation Authority (DSNA) launches their “U-Space Together” project, AirMap is one of eight UTM providers chosen to collaborate on a UTM solution.  Each provider will implement their solution at designated sites: AirMap will provide unmanned system integration at the Nice and Cannes airports.

“AirMap’s UTM Center is a complete digital drone traffic management services hub for airspace authorities that provides enhanced visualization, communication, and supervision for drone operations,” says a company article. “The UTM Center enables authorities to communicate authoritative aeronautical data, airspace rules, and dynamic restrictions to UAS operators on the AirMap platform. Authorities can also administer one-click, multi-step, and fully automated authorization processes to grant airspace access; communicate with UAS operators directly; and view live traffic data for UAS operations in controlled airspace.”

“AirMap will also provide the AirMap for Drones mobile application, fully localized for UAS operators in France to access contextual airspace information, plan flights, request airspace authorization, and get comprehensive situational awareness at every step of their operations. These functionalities are also available to third-party application developers through the AirMap Developer Platform of APIs and SDKs.”

“AirMap has earned a leading position to deploy U-space projects in airspace or airport locations, which now number 12 in France,” said Antoine Martin, New ATM Services Programme Director at DSNA. “We are excited to partner with AirMap to make U-space a reality in France.”

AirMap and Skyguide

In Switzerland, AirMap and their partner Skyguide, Swiss Air Navigation Services, Ltd.,  “implemented a flexible and intelligent digital authorization workflow solution that streamlines, digitizes, and automates airspace authorization requests for drones and other special flights. The solution alleviates administrative burden and makes it quicker, easier, and safer for UAS and other special flights to access controlled airspace,” says an AirMap release.

“The AirMap UTM Center enables Swiss air traffic managers to receive notifications when a special airspace use application is submitted; view data regarding the proposed operation’s geography, timing, and proposed route; and view any airspace rules, regulations, and appropriate sectional maps. UAS operators can submit online requests for authorization to fly in controlled airspace with easy-to-use web applications and receive a decision in less than three days.”

“UAS and other special flight operators no longer have to wait ten days to fly in controlled airspace,” said Robert Fraefel, U-space project lead at skyguide. “Digitizing our authorization process enables skyguide to deliver safe and efficient access to airspace, makes it easier and faster for operators to apply for permission to fly in controlled airspace, and removes the burden from our special flights office.”

Latin America

“Moving into the Latin American markets, AirMap has partnered with aviation services provider Airseair RPAS to extend UAS Traffic Management (UTM) systems to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, and Costa Rica,” says an AirMap press release.

“Together Airseair RPAS and AirMap will provide authorities in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, and Costa Rica with solutions to support safe drone integration at scale.”

“The AirMap UTM Platform delivers solutions for e-registration, geo-awareness, digital authorization, and e-identification to airspace authorities for safe UAS operations in controlled airspace. The partnership with Airseair RPAS extends AirMap’s National Registry, Central Information Function, UTM Center, Awareness Applications, and the AirMap Developer Platform of SDK and APIs to airspace authorities, enterprise operators, and solution developers throughout Latin America.”

“Airseair RPAS believes in the potential for drones to transform Latin America,” said Airseair RPAS CEO Sofanor Pallares. “The AirMap UTM Platform is a best-in-class solution for UTM and U-space services that we look forward to offering to our customers.””




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