Always Wondered What’s Inside? Dronefly Reveals the Anatomy of a Drone [Infographic]

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The following is a guest post by Dronefly, a leading DJI Authorized dealer of commercial and consumer drones.

Ever wondered what’s inside the drone?  Need to diagnose a problem or repair need?  “Understanding how all the individual components work together is something that all drone operators should understand and appreciate,” says Alex Netto of Dronefly. ” The drone anatomy diagram below is of a DJI Phanotm 4, but the functions of the components are the same in most high-end consumer and commercial UAVs.”


Dronefly, a leading DJI Authorized dealer of consumer and commercial drones, regularly produces educational content that teaches people about the amazing technology powering the drones we love.  Dronefly is committed to expanding the understanding and adoption of drones for commercial applications. Check out their Thermal Drones page to learn more about how they are partnering with DJI and FLIR to solve real world problems!


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