Asiahorse Solar Eclipse UAV 120mm Dual Aperture LED Long Life Case Fan,PC Custom Diy From Water Cooling System CPU Cooler 2PACK(ice blue)

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Price: $14.99


Brand:Asia horse
Air Flow:38CFM
Air Pressure:1.21mm-H20
Noise Level:22dB(A)
Input Power: 3.3W
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Input Current: 0.36±0.036A
Life Time: 30000Hrs
Cable length: 40cm / 15.7in
Product Specification: 120mm(W)*120mm(D)*25mm(H)/4.7in(W)*4.7in(D)*1in(H)
Packing Size: 135mm(W)*135mm(D)*30mm(H)/5.5in(W)*5.5in(D)*1.25in(H)

2 x Asiahorse UFO Double Ring fan
2 x Nylon Cable Ties
8 x Screws
8 x Rubber Screws
16 x Rubber Pad1.A new generation of unmanned aerial vehicle (UVA) solar eclipse case fans led Double Ring Colorful Lighting Design.
2.Hydraulic bearing technology Use case standard size and seven transparent and Hollow treatment of fan blades, a variety of power supply interface (inclue 3pin + 4pin combined interface.)
3.Suitable for water-cooled radiator, CPU radiator, etc. CPU speed 1500RPM±10%, multi-channel ventilation design. Innovation on collocation aerodynamic of blade inlet design and LED lights, work is very cool. Trouble-free life of 30000 hours
4.New concept of fan design. With more solid plastic raw materials and double high elastic silica gel pad, The outside world recognized the stability and fighting ability
5.UFO solar eclipse fan adopts environmental plane box, The protection of product appearance and better able to reach full safety for you.

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