Asylon and Boston Dynamics Partner on Robotic Security Platform that Combines Air and Ground-based Drones

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A new partnership between Asylon and Boston Dynamics combines airborne and ground-based drones for the ultimate robotic security system.
PA-based Asylon has developed an industry-leading, fully automated drone solution for perimeter security.  Now, through the partnership with robotic research and development company Boston Dynamics, they’ll add a “DroneDog” – the Boston Dynamics unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) named Spot – to the solution.

The automated Remote Perimeter Security platform is known as DroneCore: and utilizes a security drone and a base station that autonomously replaces low batteries for 24/7 surveillance.  “The Asylon security drone is designed to provide organizations with the fastest response to emergencies and alarms. Through automated security patrols, the drone can integrate with advanced sensors or detect anomalies by itself that require a response, such as intruders or overheating machinery, and enable human response teams to be appropriately prepared for potentially dangerous threats,” says the company.

Asylon Boston Dynamics

Now, the solution will add a “mobile and versatile” DroneDog, to provide customers with both automated ground and aerial surveillance. “Unlike ground robots that run on wheels or tracks, Spot’s legged design makes it capable of traversing uneven and unpredictable terrain with organic, life-like motion,” says Asylon. “Its capabilities allow for organizations to employ safer and more efficient security operations while its 14KG capacity allows for organizations to add modules and features to meet their needs and multiple units can be applied for advanced perimeter monitoring.”

…The intelligent machines are capable of supporting multiple payload options for both aerial and ground assets to collect actionable data to improve security while the 24/7 RSOC delivers immediate remote control, monitoring, and intelligence services. These data driven solutions help unlock AI and prescriptive analytics for anomaly detection across multiple sites. From anywhere in the world, the DroneCore system can be controlled and the video feed can be viewed in real-time. ”

“Asylon is building an ecosystem of advanced robotics to help customers better automate, manage, and protect their people, assets, and facilities.  We are excited to announce our partnership with Boston Dynamics and their Spot UGV as we continue to expand and extend capabilities to our customers.” says Asylon CEO and Co-Founder Damon Henry.

Michael Quiroga, Chief Revenue Officer at Asylon said, “Asylon is on a mission to build an ecosystem of advanced technologies to help our customers modernize their security postures. As such, we’re proud to enter into this partnership agreement with Boston Dynamics as we add their UGV to our best-in-class robotic security services. The coupling of air with ground robotics is a natural progression and unlocks enhanced observe and report security automation. As true modernization requires strong partnerships, our platform ecosystem partners will enable the most advanced robotic perimeter security solutions for our current and future customers.”

This combination of technology makes Asylon the only American, full-service robotic perimeter company. The aerial drones have been designed, developed, and manufactured in Philadelphia, PA while Boston Dynamics designs and develops in Waltham, MA, and manufactures in the US.



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