Autel Announces New Dragonfish UAV

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CES is this week and it is being held virtually for the first time. The world’s leading technology show is the premier place to announce the latest technological wonders. Autel Robotics is there and has announced it’s exciting new Dragonfish UAV. This new UAV is designed for the enterprise market. It can fly for up to two hours and can transmit video for over 18 miles. This makes the Dragonfish the top choice for surveyors, law enforcement, traffic monitoring, agriculture, energy inspections, etc.

The Dragonfish can be assembled and ready to fly in just three minutes and boasts a five second system boot and self check. The new Autel offers different payload options, including a FLIR camera making the Dragonfish a versatile machine. The standard camera has 4K resolution and a 20x stabilized optical zoom-impressive to say the least.

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The new Dragonfish has a unique tilt rotor design allowing for vertical landing and takeoff with the body of a tradition airplane still offering 4 rotors. One on the top front of the UAV, the second on the top rear of the UAV and one on each wing tip that rotates. With the traditional design of an airplane you now have the efficiency of lift. The Dragonfish is waterproof and modular and offers powerful AI tracking abilities.

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Source: UAV Expert News

Photo: Autel Drones


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