Bayangtoys X21 Dual GPS FPV Follow and Circle Me Drone Flight Test Review

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This dual GPS upgrade to the Bayangtoys X16 GPS quadcopter adds a 1080p camera, digital 5G FPV, and follow me / circle me capability. Find it here

– 1080p HD camera records video directly to a microSD card in the camera.
– Uses 5G WiFi for transmission of digital video to your smartphone. This works much better than 2.4Ghz systems in that there is no interference from the quadcopters controller on 5.8Ghz frequency. This allows for 720p HD digital video transmission to your phone, along with greater FPV range (out to about 200 meters). I was really impressed with the FPV video that I was receiving. Uses WDPilot app available on Play here and iTunes here .
– “Dual GPS version” shown in this video includes a GPS system inside the controller to provide follow and circle me capability. Single GPS version does not have this capability.
– Conducts return to home on command, or automatically if flown out of range of the controller, or when battery level is low.

– Uses 802.11ac 5G WiFi. As of this date (8/2017) this type of WiFi is still only found on newer phones. This FPV system will NOT work with 2.4Ghz WiFi phones. Before purchasing, first verify that your device is truly 5G WiFi capable.
– Wide angled lens brings the quadcopter’s landing gear into view.
– Maximum contol range seems to be a little over 200 meters, with the quadcopter conducting several uncommanded return to homes when I tried to exceed this range.
– Low voltage return to home occurs at somewhat higher voltage (10.8V) than what I would prefer. This is likely to prevent newer fliers from straying too far, and thus not having enough voltage to return home. However, it created some annoying RTH events at close range near the end of my flight.
– Does not include a camera gimbal. Thus its video is somewhat unsteady, especially if there is any wind.

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