Beat The Sun On Your Flight Display

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Beat The Sun On Your Flight DisplayDJI

The use of unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) has helped many industries and municipalities work safer and more efficiently. Unfortunately while flying out in the bright sun it can be hard to see the flight data and camera images on the display screen.

Most monitors and display tablets are designed to be used inside, making them difficult to use when out in the sun, even with sun shields. So the new DJI CrystalSky Display Monitors have been a really nice revelation for flying UAV/drones outside in the sun.

DJI has come to the rescue with not one, but two tablets to solve this outside dilemma. The CrystalSky and CrystalSky Ultra tablets feature high brightness, to the tune of 1000 nits and 2000 nits for the Ultra models. Compare this to the Apple iPad Mini with a reported 400 mitts or the Nvidia shield at 450 nitts. The Nit is a standard unit of luminance used to describe various sources of light. A higher rating means a brighter display. Displays for laptops and mobile devices are usually between 200 and 300 nits on average. A rating over 300 nits is solid and a rating that exceeds 500 nits is extremely good.

Cliff from UAV Experts recently tested both the regular Crystal Sky and the Ultra to see the difference in brightness as compared to the Apple iPad mini.

Take a look at the short movie below and be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you think!


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