Blade Zeyrok FPV & Flight – BEST 2016 Beginner Quad?

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Let’s hit the street with the BLADE Zeyrok. We test out the Zeyrok flight modes, flips, crash durability, and FPV capability. See why we think this one is a sure bet for 2016. This one ended up being loads of fun for new pilots and advanced pilots.

– My Grandmom could fly this
– 3 flight modes to choose from
– Stability Mode ( stabilization )
– Stagility mode ( more aggressive + flips )
– Agility Mode ( no stabilization )
– 1S 750mah battery
– Small, compact park flyer
– Safe for park flying
– Not a heavy like a racer drone
– Beginner friendly
– Nice LED setup for Night Flying
– Fast in Agility mode
– Slow if you want in Stability for cruising
– Will carry a Mobius underneath. ( flies heavier )
– Piggyback a micro FPV cam
– Cheap batteries
– Very durable. Crashed into trees, benches, slides, etc.
– Didn’t break one prop in my flight testing
– Worth the $80
– Crash it. It doesn’t care
– Cheap replacement parts
– Can take beginner abuse

The final word on this one is this… It is a beginner drone and for me well I want to fly it again because of the places I can FPV it. You can easily fly it in a park and not disturb other people. It’s very quiet for a quadcopter. I have five batteries for it now and I plan on flying it as much as I can. It’s def a nice FPV beater quad.

– Has Brushed Motors. *Everyone wants brushless motors
– Light so you will feel the wind
– Slow throttle action

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