BST Unveils American-Made Quadcopter

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BST Unveils American-Made Quadcopter Specifically Designed for Automated Industrial Inspections.

In response to the growing concerns about data integrity and security with Chinese-made drones, Black Swift Technologies (BST) announced its newest aerial platform, the Black Swift E2 UAS.

Specifically designed for automated industrial and structural inspections, the Black Swift E2 is an intelligent drone that can be equipped with an inspection payload making it capable of completely autonomous flights. With this optional laser navigation technology, the Black Swift E2 can safely and reliably navigate around complex structures, while delivering real-time actionable data to its operator, more efficiently and safer than ever before.

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Designed, manufactured and serviced entirely in the USA, the E2 was engineered from inception for structural and industrial inspections. Its domestic roots mean that there are no open source software concerns and no Chinese components used in the assembly of the Black Swift E2.

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