C17 Gyro Stabilized RC Airplane Part 2 Review High Rate Bank Angle Flying

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This cheap RC airplane also has a high rate mode for advanced fliers. Find it here while you can https://goo.gl/pgEpCC High rate mode is selected by pressing the upper right trigger button. In high rate it banks very hard for quicker turns. However, you’ll need to also increase throttle to maintain altitude when in high banked turns. If you find yourself heading to the ground, let go of the right stick to level off.

– Very easy to fly. Great for beginner fliers. It has three axis gyro stabilization which prevents phugoid oscillations and stalls by quickly adjusting the thrust. It also prevents roll angles from exceeding about thirty degrees in low rate and about 60 degrees in high rate. Hard to crash in low rate, but I’m sure that some will find a way (especially when trees get in the way ;-).
– Very cool looking scale model of the C17. It actually looks like a C17 in flight while it’s up high.
– Use a very common 3.7V 300mah battery with white Losi connector. You’ll be able to easily to find additional batteries for this.
– It’s cheap! It’s currently the lowest cost RC airplane that I can think of at the moment. It really is impressive what you’re getting for the price. This one’s price is going to go up as it will be popular (supply and demand). So get it now while you can for $23.

– You will need to assemble the plane. It takes about two hours to assemble. You’ll have to provide your own glue as it’s not provided in the package.
– Range is about 80 meters. Alkaline batteries might help improve it (vice the dollar store batteries that I’m using). Fortunately its motors stop and it goes into a straight glide if you exceed range.


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