CAELUS Project Will Help the NHS Deliver Better Healthcare: and Advance Drone Delivery and Airspace Management

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Drone delivery projects are happening all over the world right now.  In terms of drone hardware, the technology is there: but robust systems that take into consideration existing air traffic, airspace regulations, deconfliction between aircraft, and community needs are still in development.  “While there have been many drone delivery projects that have focused on the hardware, none have integrated all the necessary elements into one comprehensive solution,” says ANRA.   “ANRA was sought to be a partner to leverage its SmartSkies™ UTM, SmartSkies™ DELIVERY, and MissionManager™ platform experience and technology as the foundation for digital demonstrator.”

Using the SmartSkies™ platform, the CAELUS project may be able to bring the goal of drone delivery networks integrated into existing airspace management systems closer to reality.

“ANRA leads the CAELUS technology package that will develop the Digital Demonstrator for the Drone Logistics Network. This really excites us since it will allow ANRA to collaborate with our partners, bringing our extensive experience in enabling airspace management, delivery, and fleet management for simulated drone delivery operations within a virtual environment followed by live flights,” said Amit Ganjoo, CEO of ANRA Technologies.

“At this very challenging time for the international aviation industry, it is a great testament to the UK’s drive and ambition that we have had such a strong response to the first funded Future Flight competition. The breadth, quality and creativity of the bids has been exceptional and the economic and social benefits offered are very significant. The projects we are now launching will position the UK strongly to drive the third revolution in aviation,” said Gary Cutts, Future Flight Challenge Director.


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