Can a Drone Help this Guy on Valentines Day?

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In a drone version of reality TV, the description says that Jay was too nervous to approach his crush, so he decided to deliver a Valentine’s Day card to her in a special way… with his Phantom 4 drone! Will his plan work?

Watch to see if they have a fairy tale ending or will it end as my daughter sometimes describes as “Not going to happen”.

Sort of a drone version of prom proposal but on Valentine’s day.  Also, how can he be sure that it is the right girl?

From our friends at Airvuz.

How did Valentine’s Day originate? This romantic celebration has its origins in a Medieval religious holiday. Saint Valentine, or Valentinus, as he is sometimes referred to, was an early Christian martyr who during the late Middle-Ages became a symbol of courtly love.

As is customary in the Catholic tradition, saints are given their own holy day which is celebrated annually on the same date. In the case of Saint Valentine this date falls on February the 14th.

Valentine’s day is celebrated in both North America,  Europe and part of Asia.  The other day where they celebrate love in China is at the Lantern Festival.




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