Cashing in on the drone revolution

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Cashing in on the drone revolutionJOBY STEPHENS

A tiny unmanned aircraft is hovering quietly above a green field in Buckinghamshire, offering its owner, Joby Stephens, an “eye in the sky”.

The drone is kitted out with a tiny high-definition camera that sends crisp images via wi-fi to a phone clipped to the drone’s remote control unit.

“The ability to film with a drone adds another string to my bow,” the professional cameraman and producer says as he pilots the aircraft towards some nearby trees.

“Being able to legally and safely deliver drone footage should be a great addition to many projects.”

Mr Stephens runs production company Jam96, which specialises in making behind-the-scenes videos on movie sets – places where there will invariably be lots of people.

“In the environments I operate in, I need to be 100% safe,” he says.

So he has completed a training course for commercial drone operators.

Reducing risk

The course was run by Whispercam’s Alistair Johnson, a former Royal Air Force pilot with a degree in aeronautical engineering and a day job as a commercial pilot with British Airways.

“At the moment, anybody can buy a drone online or from a retailer and use it as part of a hobby or for fun,” he says. Continue reading about the drone revolution.

Source: BBC


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